childlike voice 娃娃音
act cute 裝可愛
put on the voice
She fell on her face. 跌了個狗吃屎
dark circles 黑眼圈
Don't be the third wheel. 別當電燈泡
tacky 俗
paparazzi 狗仔隊
"get" a tattoo 刺青
snooty, cocky 跩
scam call 詐騙電話
Take a wild guess. 隨便猜
You're getting warmer! 答案很接近了
needy, clingy 黏人
a bit of both (兩種情況都有)都有
single eyelids 單眼皮
Man can be a wet blanket. 潑冷水
space-out 狀況外
crybaby 愛哭鬼
I was born this way!
faux-pas(=don't do) 禁忌

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